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To our AUBH community,

We’ve shared such a wonderful past few months as our AUBH family returned to campus and welcomed the Class of 2024 into a future filled with promise and excitement. To both our new and continuing students, I have every confidence that your journey with AUBH will be dynamic and successful, from your first day on campus through entry into your career, next degree program, travel or whatever you choose to pursue after graduating from AUBH. As you initiate this journey, I want to reiterate the advice I shared at orientation—in order to succeed, you have to “show up” for yourself and for your community.

We trust you will enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling experience during your time at AUBH, though no doubt you will face challenges—the kind that require fortitude and persistence to overcome. How you manage yourself in the face of adversity and how you make opportunities out of obstacles will help you to build character and endurance, and model how you will rise up to interact with other life challenges in the ever-changing world. Just look at how we all managed during the Covid-19 pandemic…our practical and creative responses to unpredictable circumstances were truly remarkable!

Since the academic year started, I have been very impressed with the number of safe and sound activities both on and off campus. A new Student Council was elected with energetic leadership; we celebrated holidays, along with sports activities; we hosted visitors in online classes and on campus; we initiated Discover America Week with the U.S. Embassy, AmCham, Microsoft and Amazon; and we implemented a myriad of agreements and scholarships with prominent and highly regarded companies in the Kingdom. And that’s just the beginning!

2021 will be a milestone year as we introduce our partnership with the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and focus on expanding our academic portfolio that offers access to a wide range of international opportunities aligned with today’s rapidly evolving economies and societies. I can’t wait for you all to see what else we have in store for you….

Recently, a group of friends asked me about what I am most proud of having achieved during the last nine months of the Covid-19 era. I responded with a swift and clear answer: we stayed together as an AUBH community. Our staff and faculty were aligned in mission, purpose, priority, and communication, and our inaugural Class of 2023 students remained an integral part of the family, with many joining summer classes and sharing great enthusiasm about returning to our beautiful campus for the fall. And, despite campus closings and the difficulty visiting with new students and parents on our AUBH campus home, we were proud to welcome an even larger new cohort of students this past September, the Class of 2024. When I was growing up, there was a saying about overcoming struggles: “where there’s a will, there’s a way” though by now you all know that I equate that “will” with #showingup. So, from my heart, thank you AUBH family for showing up!

I’m so proud of all of you who have made our AUBH community what it is today—a culture of care that exemplifies respect, support, enthusiasm, dedication, inspiration, courage and passion. We have truly been our best for each other during this unprecedented time and we should take a moment to celebrate this achievement. 

With great pride and admiration for those who are #showingup and dreaming about a lifetime of success,

Dr. Susan E. Saxton
Founding President, AUBH