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Dear AUBH Community,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well during these challenging times. As the long-term impact of COVID-19 continues to be a source of uncertainty for universities locally and across the global education community, we have been working diligently to create a plan to return to our campus on September 13, 2020. We hope we can return to normal operation eventually, however, we are faced with the challenge of continuing to provide the high-quality education defined in our Mission, while protecting the safety of our entire Community. We believe our plan meets this challenge, and will provide a student experience conducive to the learning, intellectual inquiry, and the culture of care we promise to provide.
The goals of our plan are to:

  • Provide a safe environment on campus for our students, employees, visitors, and contractors, that is protective of their health and wellbeing.
  • Support those who are unable to attend campus with tools that enable a continuation of their learning or work from a distance.
  • Continuously comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Higher Education Council (HEC), National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus, and any other governmental body.

In order to meet these goals, the team at AUBH have developed a comprehensive plan which outlines guidelines for students, employees, and anyone else attending our campus. It includes everything from wearing personal protective equipment while on campus, to interacting in socially distanced classrooms. As part of the plan, we will also implement several innovative new classroom procedures:

  • We are offering a dual-modality opportunity, a system that will allow classes to be held on campus according to the University schedule, and also with online synchronous participation, where students who are unable to attend class on campus, or prefer to study at a distance, can attend at the same time.​ This solution incorporates a camera system with views of the classroom, whiteboards, and activity completed on our interactive CleverTouch monitors, all being shared through Canvas and Microsoft Teams.
  • All our classrooms have been modified to incorporate social distancing between seating locations, which reduces the number of students per classroom. However, for classes that require additional space, two classrooms will be used simultaneously with the lecture being broadcast across both classrooms.
  • For laboratory classes, we have implemented simulation software to complement the traditional classes for scientific majors. This will ensure all students – whether face-to-face or at a distance – can benefit from experimentation and exploration in a safe environment.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to provide more information to all of you. We hope you are looking forward to returning to campus as much as we are looking forward to welcoming you.

Best Regards,
Dr. Susan E. Saxton
Founding President, AUBH