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I’m honored to lead the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) and fulfill the promise – a lifetime of success – to our wonderful AUBH students. We appreciate our inaugural class of 2023 for taking the leap with us on this historic and exciting journey and helping to create an unprecedented culture of teaching and learning.

We recognize that we are shaping, supporting and motivating individuals with a variety of backgrounds, skills and passions. Our goal is to leverage the potential of every student by providing a holistic experience that stretches beyond classroom learning into real-world problem-solving. This is why we are so particular about the quality of our campus, faculty, staff, technology and student support.

Today’s challenging job marketplace demands more than passive learning and facts memorized in classroom lectures; it demands curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship and, generally, learning to learn, all of which complements AUBH’s focus on STEM-based programs. A lifetime of success begins with exploring beliefs and values and ends with a personal tool-kit of skills and experiences that adapt to any environment, whether that is continuing education after graduation or a job anywhere in the world. We are motivated to help our students become the masters of their destiny.

As acclaimed science writer Roger Lewin said, “Too often we give students answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” This spirit of creative and independent thinking is instilled not just through AUBH curricula but also in social and sporting experiences on campus. To that end, we have a very important role to play in Bahrain and the rest of the GCC as leaders of innovation and pathfinders guided by the Kingdom’s 2030 goals.

It’s a great thrill to see the AUBH campus come alive with the buzz of learning and daily extra-curricular life. Those who see me drop in on the classes or walk around the campus know that the best part of my day is being with AUBH students…envisioning their potential and leading them to a lifetime of success.

Dr. Susan E. Saxton
Founding President