Master of Science in Engineering Management

This program aims to provide students with the fundamentals needed to meet the new competitive challenges of the modern engineering design industry, which is in the midst of rapid growth. It also fosters an understanding of the changes in business, industry and government that affect this dynamic sector, making graduates senior level professionals able to lead teams of other engineers.

Program Content

This two-year program begins with core classes focusing on management; Financial and Managerial Accounting, Project Management, Managing People and Organizations and Strategic Technology Management. After completing core modules, students focus their skills by choosing elective courses in line with specialist areas of interest, for example Product Design & Innovation, or Ethics, Sustainability and Corporate Governance. To complement this, students have the opportunity to complete a thesis that supports their particular learning path, supported by practiced mentors. Graduates of the Master of Science in Engineering Management will be prepared for the next phase of their career, with specialist knowledge of engineering management theories, methods, practices and strategies.

Who should apply?

Mid and senior level professionals who are looking to strengthen their credentials as C-Level executives, administrators and consultants. This program is for engineers who are passionate about their work and want to build on their existing portfolio and skillset. Analytical thinkers with a background in engineering theory and principles will have an immediate advantage in this program.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Master of Science in Engineering Management

33 Credits

Course Information