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Because of the professional nature of education at AUBH, students are expected to attend not less than 75% of the classes scheduled for a given course/subject. Classes are experiential, and missing classes could affect the student’s subsequent performance in the course. The following attendance policy is modeled after attendance expectations in the workplace and is consistent with the University commitment to “a culture of professional practice”.

Instructors provide important information and guided practice. Students must participate in discussions, reviews, critiques, and seminars. Lack of attendance and/or participation will impact the student’s success and, potentially, progress through the program of study. Instructors may call roll of the student names listed on the attendance roster at any time during the class, for each day that the course meets during the quarter. Students who are tardy may have points or a percentage deducted from the cumulative total for the course.

Students who are absent due to an extenuating circumstance may submit documentation (e.g., doctor’s note) to their instructor in support of a request for an excused absence. Students may make up work from excused absences; however, because the university classes are highly participatory, even excused absences may prevent students from making required progress. In these cases, the faculty will work with Academic Advising to act in the best interest of the student’s academic progress.

A student must meet the attendance requirements as stated on the course syllabus to earn a passing grade in each course. Students with attendance problems may be advised, reassigned, failed, or dismissed.