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Definition of Special Needs

Students who have physical, psychological or learning difficulties that requires academic support or special adjustments to facilitate their learning in an accommodated environment.

The Responsibility of the Student

Students with Special Needs are expected to make their condition known to the University for appropriate support to be provided. Medical reports or certificate of physical or learning disability from qualified professional or other official authorities must be submitted to Admissions Department (preferably during the student admission period). Students cannot request for special adjustments retrospectively after an assessment is completed.

Confidentiality of Reports

Reports of students with Special Needs are kept in their files, remain confidential (all relevant local rules and regulation related to personal data will be applied), and will be shared with the appropriate administrative (e.g. Student Affairs) and academic personnel, strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis in order to safeguard that the required support is provided.

Academic and other Forms of Support

Some of the services that might be provided for students with Special Needs, depending on the unique nature of each case, may include:

  • Physical assistance in attending classes.

  • Counseling, mentoring or tutoring.

  • Extended time for testing.

  • Adjustment in the use of assessment methods.

    It is very important to note that the purpose of any adjustment provided is to remove barriers to learning that might prevent the student from showing his/her true potential. However, the adjustments are not intended to lower the academic standards of any program.