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In keeping with the commitment to equality and fairness, AUBH will not tolerate harassment of students or employees on campus property by anyone, including any student, staff member, faculty member, coworker, vendor, or any third party. Harassment includes unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical, or visual, that is based upon a person’s protected status, such as sex, color, race, religion, creed, ancestry, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, or another protected-group status. AUBH will not tolerate any harassing conduct that affects tangible benefits of education or employment and that interferes unreasonably with an individual’s educational or working environment. Such harassment may include, for example, jokes about another person’s protected status, or kidding, teasing, or practical jokes directed at a person based on his or her protected status.

AUBH will not tolerate, condone, or allow sexual harassment whether engaged in by faculty or student, fellow employee, supervisory level employee, or non- employee who conducts business with the school. AUBH encourages timely reporting of all incidents, regardless of who the offender may be. Any person who has been the target of sexual harassment or has knowledge of sexual harassment should report the acts directly to the President, who investigates faculty and student complaints. AUBH will not permit retaliation against an employee or student who reports an incident of sexual harassment or for assisting in a complaint investigation. The University’s policy is to investigate all harassment complaints thoroughly and promptly. To the fullest extent practicable, AUBH will keep the complaints and the terms of their resolution confidential. If an investigation confirms that a violation of the policy has occurred, AUBH will take corrective action, including discipline, immediate termination of employment, and/or expulsion. All AUBH students and employees are responsible for helping to avoid harassment.