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The Higher Education Council (HEC) is the main regulatory body within the educational sector, governing the acknowledgment and attestation of your degree in the Kingdom of Bahrain. While it is the University’s responsibility to obtain license to run academic programs and facilitate the application process for the attestation of individual degrees, it is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Meet the minimum attendance requirement set by the University.

  • Provide complete and valid documentations to the admission office upon registration (medical report, valid smart card, valid passport, MOE statement of graduation, personal photos).

  • Ensure that the student name provided at the time of registration and that appears on the official records of the University, exactly matches his/her name in the passport.

  • Fulfill the academic requirements for the successful completion of the degree program that he/she is enrolled in.

  • Enroll and successfully complete any additional/compulsory subjects set by the HEC before graduating from the program (i.e. Arabic Language, Modern History and Human Rights).

Failure to fulfill any of the above-mentioned requirements might deprive the student from obtaining the attestation.

Each student will be issued a unique HEC number which will be part of his/her unified student file.

The University will inform/update students in case of any changes in the HEC requirements.