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Message from the Director of Student Affairs

Dear Student,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the American University of Bahrain (AUBH).

Being a university student is one of the most exciting and rewarding life experiences that you will ever go through; we are glad that you have chosen us to be your partners in this remarkable journey of transformation and development!

Here at AUBH, we place value on critical thinking, experiential learning, cultural awareness and creativity. We encourage you to ask questions, debate and explore new methods and ideas. We hope that you will engage, not only in the learning environment inside your classroom, but also in the wider academic community of which you are now part. We perceive our students as resourceful and capable of solving problems, as we provide them with support and guidance. The university will offer you a rich teaching and learning framework that is equipped with all the resources and facilities you need to fulfil your true potential. AUBH offers a flexible curriculum with social and academic opportunities to help students realize their professional and personal goals. However, we believe that it is your responsibility to take ownership of your own learning and make the most out of the opportunities that you have in hand.

Pursuing knowledge requires effort, perseverance and discipline. This booklet outlines some of the main facilities and services that AUBH will offer you to facilitate learning. It defines key features of the mutual relationship between you as a student, and the university as an institution, highlighting your rights and responsibilities in relation to academic and non-academic matters. Please read it carefully and feel free to come forward and ask questions, if needed.

Wishing you a very successful journey, for a lifetime of success.

Amal Al Awadhi

Director of Student Affairs