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The Office of Admissions at AUBH supports the goals of the institution by selecting and enrolling students with high potential for success at the University. To this end, the Office of Admissions provides prospective students with personalized services that include the following:

  • Developing understanding of the AUBH experience in relation to college and career goals by assessing the academic and personal needs of prospective students
  • Conducting thoughtful and comprehensive interviews to explore the academic experiences, achievements, and passions of prospective students
  • Promoting the University‚Äôs student-oriented environment
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all student information and records
  • Ensuring the availability of well-trained enrollment advisors committed to student success at the University
  • Adhering to a set of admissions standards that support the best interest of each prospective and admitted student

The criteria for admission to AUBH have been designed to enable the Office of Admissions to select students with potential to do university-level work and place students in courses and programs appropriate to their level of preparation, in an effort to best ensure academic success. Moreover, the Office of Admissions aspires to continually improve selection procedures and become an institution known for best practices during the admissions process in comparison to other four-year private institutions.