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The purpose of the test is to place students in preparatory classes for Mathematics, if needed. Preparatory classes allow students to improve their skills in particular subjects and increase a student’s chances of academic success in the degree program of his/her choice.

It is important to note that your performance in the Placement Test will not affect your admission decision. In other words, you will be admitted to the program of your choice as long as you meet the GPA and English Language requirements and pass the personal interview. The results of the Placement Test will be simply used to include an additional Preparatory Course in Mathematics as part of your acceptance offer, only if needed. You will still be able to enroll in Year 1 subjects while taking your Preparatory Course.

The test we offer at AUBH is called “ALEKS PPL” by McGraw-Hill. ALEKS PPL uses adaptive, open-response questioning to rapidly and accurately assess each student on a wide range of course material in 30 questions or less. This means that each student will get a unique set of questions and that the test will change the level of questions based on how you respond to each. All questions are open-ended (no multiple-choice questions). Most students take about 60-90 minutes to complete the test online; however, you will have up to 2hrs and 30 minutes.

If you would like to prepare for your Placement Test and view some sample questions, you may visit the link below: