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The UPP is available to students who are not immediately eligible for freshman admission. The program assists in transitioning students from secondary education into higher education by strengthening basic academic skills, developing study skills, and introducing university policies, procedures, and campus life. Entry-level coursework (freshman-level courses) is developed in consideration of successful completion of the objectives and skills as part of the UPP. 

Objectives: The aim is to achieve the required English proficiency for students at the University. This intensive language program incorporates the use of English for academic purposes into the development of basic language skills of reading, writing, and communication. In addition, the UPP aims to ensure preparation for a successful university-level academic experience by developing essential learning and study skills, which form the foundation for academic achievement.    

Admission: Admission into the UPP is assured when the student receives a formal letter of admission to AUBH. Students must have obtained the minimum requirements in English to qualify for the UPP which is IELTS 5.0 or equivalent (e.g. TOFEL iBT 35).

Requirements: The UPP requires that each student receives 18 hours per week of intensive language training. The coursework is designed to provide a strong foundation in English language with an emphasis on improving reading, writing, and communications skills.

Promotion to Full Admission Status: Full admission to AUBH can be granted after successful completion of the UPP. Successful completion of the program requires the following:

  1. Achieving a minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
  2. Passing the writing proficiency examination

Note: Students who pass the necessary proficiency exams may be promoted to the freshman year after only one semester in the UPP.