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A visiting student is a student who is not formally admitted to AUBH but is allowed to enroll in coursework for transfer back to the home institution. Prior to enrolling, an applicant for visiting student status should check with their home institution and confirm the transferability of coursework completed at AUBH.

Applicants seeking visiting student status must submit the following:

  • Official Visiting Student Application
  • Official university transcript from the home institution

Granting of admission for visiting students is entirely within the discretion of the Office of Admissions and the appropriate College Dean. If the application for visiting student admission is approved, registration is then completed through the Office of the Registrar. Visiting students may enroll in any university course for which they have the necessary academic background and qualifications. However, courses with enrollment limits, have restrictions and will apply priority to full-time AUBH students. Normally, a student is not allowed to register as a visiting student for more than 12 credit hours.