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AUBH is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all students, employees, visitors, vendors, and contractors. The University will continually strive to improve the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance.

AUBH will conduct its operations in a safe manner and take all practical steps to eliminate any potential hazard or reduce risks that may result in personnel injury, ill health, damage to the workplace environment or property loss.

As a minimum requirement in the conduct of its activities, AUBH at all levels, will comply with applicable HSE legal and other requirements.

AUBH will establish, implement and maintain processes for participation and consultation with employees including documented HSE objectives which will be reviewed and updated annually or as otherwise required.

All Managers and Deans have primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of personnel, equipment and facilities in their department.

As a condition of employment, all employees are required to perform their job requirements safely, while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and promoting the protection of their direct environment.

All individuals who manage or participate in AUBH operations is expected to abide by this policy.