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This section relates to the division of labour in respect of Health and Safety issues; it outlines the responsibility of the following functions:

1. The overall coordination of Health and Safety procedures are authorized by the AUBH governing body. Strategic responsibility for the implementation of the University’s Health and Safety Policy lies with the Campus Executive Director/Dean.

2. The Campus Health & Safety Officer will develop a Health and Safety Committee that will meet on a monthly basis to discuss campus health and safety issues and concerns. Minutes will be taken, signed and reviewed by senior management and filed with the Campus Safety Officer. It will also be shared with the Ministry of Labour.

3. The suggested Health and Safety committee structure should consist but not be limited to the following individuals/positions:

  • President/Chief Operating Officer
  • Provost
  • Director of Facilities   
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Director of Enrollment & Marketing Communications
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • HR Manager
  • Nurse                  
  • At least two faculty members

4. To pursue the objectives of the University in respect of Health and Safety and to monitor their implementation by the Health and Safety office, the Campus Executive Director or representative will follow the reporting procedures at regular intervals.

5. The Health & Safety office will coordinate to periodically conduct workplace inspection and evaluation, applicable to all areas and facilities that may have significant hazards and risks.

6. Applicable legislations that are relevant to Health & Safety are to be periodically reviewed to ensure the compliance by the Health & Safety Officer.

7. Employees and students will be informed about basic Health and Safety topics in general awareness sessions.

8. Any staff related injuries must be reported by the reporting officer/manager within 24 hours to the Campus Director of Facilities, the HR Manager and the Health & Safety Officer.

9. Any student related injuries must be reported by the Student Affairs office within 24 hours to the Campus Director of Facilities and the Health & Safety Officer.

10. A summary report of all injuries and incidents will be collected by the Health & Safety Officer on a Monthly basis.

11. All applicable levels and functions will be able to participate in Health & Safety programs. All persons will able to report any circumstances faced including near misses, hazards and suggestions related to Health, Safety and Environmental aspects.

12. List of Contacts: The management of Health and Safety requires the campus to maintain contacts for persons to be contacted for assistance and advice, to supplement in-house skills and competence at AUBH. The University identifies bodies including the following, for information and guidance:






Husain Talaq

Health & Safety Office


AUBH Campus

Neethu Ambattu

Clinic Nurse


Sports Center

Muneeb Abbasi



Gate 1

Emergency Services



Civil Defence



Local Authority