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  • AUBH does not permit smoking in the most areas of its property.
  • AUBH is committed to creating a high quality, safe and healthy working environment for all staff, students and visitors. In accordance with that commitment, AUBH recognizes the right of all staff and students to work and study in a smoke-free environment and has applied a policy of “no smoking” within its campus. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings (this includes all offices, classrooms, auditoriums, corridors, lifts, stairwells, toilets etc.).
  • Smoking is also prohibited at the entrances of buildings, around buildings and in the pedestrian paths leading to buildings entrances to ensure that tobacco smoke will not enter the building via the doorway or windows.
  • Smoking is not permitted within all vehicles owned or operated by the AUBH. “No smoking” signs are displayed in areas as required.
  • Compliance with AUBH policy should be managed on a local basis. Responsible persons are requested to implement the policy in the area which is under their responsibility and ensure that staff, students and visitors and, where applicable, contractors are made aware of this policy and that they comply with its requirements.
  • Any contractor or visitor who refuses to comply with the requirements of this policy will be asked to leave the Campus premises.