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Following their admission announcement back in May, the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has attracted a large number of applications and inquiries to-date, and is expecting more applications as it prepares to begin the first day of classes on the 15th of September. Acceptance letters have already started going out and AUBH is calling all applicants to complete and submit their applications by the 30th of August 2019.

AUBH recently hosted an Open House for the public where students and parents were given the opportunity to interact with the faculty, and experience what life in AUBH means, and experience the quality of education it promises. The Open House attracted over 150 people  to the campus and the University has garnered well over 600 program-related inquiries.

Enrollment has commenced for the first semester and admissions will remain ongoing until the 30th of August which marks the last day of admissions. With increased enrollment during this period and limited spots, AUBH is urging applicants to promptly submit their applications as student registration will begin on the 1st of September and end on the 5th. The first day of classes begins on the 15th of September after the Ashura holiday and a student orientation day.

Admission to AUBH is based on a competitive high school GPA standing and an International English Language Testing Score (IELTS) of 6.0.  Individuals whose IELTS score is below 6.0, but have a competitive high School GPA are invited into the Foundation Program where they can hone their English skills before entering a formal program. Students who meet these criteria are asked to interview with program faculty to ensure that their interests match the objectives of the program they are seeking.

AUBH is the first private, American-style university in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer a world-class educational experience and was established in line with the Kingdom’s plans to upscale the country’s academic quality and advance its status as an educational role model for the Arab region. With a strong emphasis on employability and cultural awareness, the AUBH experience is unique to this region. It combines dynamic instruction, quality faculty, personalized mentorship, state-of-the-art premises and a multicultural, socially-active campus to help students achieve their career goals and transform into well-rounded, highly competent professionals.