American University of Bahrain Grants Scholarships to Six Bahraini Students

Riffa, Bahrain: The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has granted scholarships to six Bahraini students for the incoming Class of 2024 in its efforts to provide an accessible American-style education in the Kingdom. The scholarship recipients are Yasmeen Abdulrahman and Salma Ali pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design; Nafeesa Faisal and Sayed Hadi, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management; Fatema Elias pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance; and Ali Husain pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

All candidates completed a rigorous evaluation process and were selected based on their exemplary academic performance, personal achievements, and motivation to succeed in an American-style environment.  They were also seen as great ambassadors of the AUBH mission and vision. The merit-based scholarships will provide students with full tuition for their four-year Undergraduate programs of choice and guarantees internships at top firms in Bahrain.

AUBH Provost, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, commented, “At AUBH, we believe that developing initiatives for deserving students will pave the way for future success, thus, helping encourage the youth and their invaluable contributions towards the Kingdom’s development path. I am honored to welcome such talented young adults as the recipients of our AUBH scholarship, who have already demonstrated academic excellence and are active community players. We look forward to having these six stellar students be part of the AUBH family, and we are happy to share with them their unique paths of success.”

Among the many qualified candidates, Ali is a creative student with a passion for technology, web designing and game development. He pays special attention to voluntary work and charity believing in the distinctive power of doing good deeds. He has been a successful candidate for the Crown Prince International Scholarship program that helped boost his leadership, communication, and creative thinking skills.

Fatema is a very bright student who possesses diverse skills and loves new experiences. An outstanding student with a passion for her future career path, Fatema entered the Crown Prince International Scholarship program, an opportunity that helped shape her personality and broaden her vision.

Nafeesa is an active student with a strong passion for the environment, starting her own business which aims at raising awareness on environmental sustainability helping people start their zero-waste lifestyle. She has also been very active in her participation in several extracurriculars and the Model United Nations (MUN).

Salma is a creative and passionate individual with a strong belief in the power of art and creativity in impacting the society. She participates in a variety of artistic competitions around the Kingdom to spread the beauty of art and aspires to become a Bahraini distinguished illustrator.

Sayed is a very dynamic student with enthusiasm for entrepreneurship driving him to start his successful online business: “Skate Gear”, selling skateboards and related accessories. Sayed entered the Crown Prince International Scholarship program, which increased his self-awareness and taught him the necessary skillset to thrive in today’s world.

Yasmeen is an art-driven individual with a motivation to learn more. She possesses diverse skills and a keen interest in arts, painting, making music, as well as being active in several sports such as soccer. She is well-versed in several topics ranging from sport sciences to world politics as she has taken part in multiple events such as the Model United Nations (MUN) both internationally and locally.

The awarded students have shown enthusiasm and commitment towards both academics and extracurriculars; with an eagerness to make a difference in their communities, they are an excellent addition to AUBH.

AUBH grants scholarships to students who showcase the ability to thrive in a diverse and multicultural environment. Applicants are assessed holistically beyond their academic performance such as GPA, English proficiency, and problem-solving abilities to include personal qualities and achievements outlined in their portfolios, personal statements, and interviews.