AUBH Announce Assessment Process for Current Semester Using U.S.-based Online Proctoring

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH), has confirmed that the current semester’s grades will be graded normally and will count towards students’ cumulative grade point average (GPA). As both AUBH’s student body and faculty have seamlessly adapted to online learning and used leading edge technology to ensure continuation of classes from the first day of isolation, no modification of the grading system to pass or fail has been necessary. AUBH is ensuring the continuation of learning from a distance, with zero teaching days missed on the academic calendar. Midterm examinations will be administered through ProctorU, a U.S.-based AI-enabled secure online assessment platform which protects the integrity and credibility of high-stakes exams. ProctorU is used by more than 1,000 institutions and universities in the U.S.

AUBH Provost, Dr. Mark. D. Shermis, commented “Our students and faculty miss being on campus, but have adapted to the distance learning format.  We are proud that our students have gained the technical savvy to be able to participate in secure remote proctored tests and other kinds of computer-based assessments.  Our technical staff have been extremely attentive and supportive of the innovative ideas that have arisen from this otherwise difficult time.

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