AUBH Continues to Grant Scholarships

The Kingdom’s first American-style university, the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has granted its first scholarships to two outstanding students. Atharie Al Salem, and Sara Khaled, were offered a 50% scholarship upon joining the University and to pursue their higher education studies.

Both candidates underwent a rigorous evaluation led by a panel comprising AUBH’s Provost and the Director of Student Affairs. They were selected based on their exemplary academic performance, personal achievements, and motivation to succeed in an American-style environment.  They were also seen as great ambassadors of the AUBH mission and vision.

Amal Al Awadhi, Director of Student Affairs at AUBH stated, “part of our mission at AUBH is to facilitate access to education for aspiring, high-achieving students who demonstrate a passion not only for academic excellence, but for gaining skills and knowledge. These students make a difference and actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the community. We look forward to having these two stellar students be part of the AUBH family, and we are confident in their future success.”

Sara Khaled, will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. She has been a high achiever throughout her school years and has engaged in a wide range of activities in sports, music and crafts. She has also been very active with her participation in national competitions and events including TradeQuest and the Model United Nations. The committee felt that these accomplishments enhanced her leadership skills and made her a natural fit in AUBH.

Atharie Al Salem, will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design. Atharie is an artistic student with a passion for digital art. She is currently interning as part of the UNIDO Internship Program. She broadened her horizons into the challenges facing developing countries and the efforts made to tackle these issues. Atharie’s enthusiasm and commitment towards education and her keenness in making a difference, made her an excellent AUBH candidate.

AUBH offers scholarships or financial aid to students to facilitate their studies. For more information please email or call 33663343