AUBH Open for Admission for Academic Year 2019

As it prepares for its official opening in September 2019, American University of Bahrain (AUBH), the first purpose-built American-style University in the Kingdom, has now opened its admission process for the September 2019 term. The University’s website is live and all interested candidates can learn more about the programs offered and also apply via the website at www.aubh.edu.bh

AUBH will host an Open Day at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bahrain Bay on May 4th 2019 from 10am to 2pm and from 4 to 8pm, for students and parents wishing to know more about the University and its offerings. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to apply for the degrees of Bachelors of Business Administration, Engineering, and Architecture and Design.

Dr. Susan E. Saxton, Founding President of AUBH stated, “We are extremely happy with the interest we have received so far from students—and faculty—wishing to join AUBH in September 2019. We are excited to show the progress of our beautiful campus and tell applicants about the incredible instructors who are coming to make AUBH their home. When we recruited our faculty, in addition to the highest quality credentials in their fields, we looked for the passion to mentor and guide our students and the desire to make a difference in the lives of these young people.”

AUBH offers a unique higher education journey which promotes intellectual inquiry, ethical behavior and social and civic responsibility. The University’s use of advanced teaching techniques and focus on outcomes echo the teaching and learning methodologies prevalent in the best global universities, and will result in technically superior graduates who also excel in the softer skills—the combination of which are very attractive to employers. The programs will be tailored to the demands of the evolving workforce, and because they are designed with employer advice and the highest standards from accreditors, the programs will be recognized at high quality universities around the world, thus providing educational and employment mobility for AUBH students and graduates.

“AUBH was established to support Bahrain in its efforts to further upscale the country’s academic quality and create a hub for world-class education that is accessible to local and regional students” states President Saxton.  “To thrive in the competitive global workforce, you must apply what you learn from an internationally-recognized and progressive curriculum, experience a multi-cultural environment, seek personalized mentorship and find work-life balance in an extra-curricular campus life.”