AUBH Welcomes New Highly Acclaimed Faculty to Bahrain

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has welcomed some of its new faculty members into the Kingdom, as it prepares to open its doors to its inaugural class of 2019 in mid-September.

The new faculty members have joined the AUBH team from the US, UK, Australia and other countries around the world. They were all hand-picked for their academic credentials and their passion to mentor and guide students to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. All appointed faculty are highly acclaimed professionals in their respective fields with decades of practice in delivering an American-style education.

The new faculty include: Dr. Erik Lotfi, an expert in the field of Chemistry, who will be assuming the role of Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Raja Ghozi, an experienced Engineer, who will be the Associate Professor of Computer Engineering; Dr. Melissa Lee Price, a former media industry professional, who will take on the role of Professor of Multimedia Design; and Dr. Sarah Shono, an expert in language education, who will be the Assistant Professor of English.

Commenting on the new arrivals, Dr. Susan E. Saxton, Founding President of AUBH expressed her enthusiasm: “We are extremely happy to welcome our new faculty members into the country who have joined us from all corners of the world and bring with them vast experience in their respective fields. Our new joiners are all best-in-class educators and have been selected for their subject matter expertise, student focus and passion for research, knowledge exchange and application. They are all highly-experienced in providing an interactive and engaging instructional delivery and personalized attention and I trust that they will be a valuable addition to the University and help us deliver on our mission for academic excellence.”

Dr. Erik Lotfi shares his expertise and research as a physical chemist into undergraduate and graduate courses. A published researcher, Dr. Lotfi has worked with the U.S Government as a Research Scientist, and has pursued his academic career with many respected universities.

Dr. Raja Ghozi has an extensive professional career in engineering and has taught undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Tunis, El Manar, Tunisia for the past fifteen years. She developed and taught courses including Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, Control Systems Theory, Analog and Digital Electronics, Digital Signal and Image Processing.

Dr. Melissa Lee Price, formerly a Professor of Multimedia Design at Zayed University in Dubai, has extensive international teaching experience including in the UK where she was a Professor of New Media at Staffordshire University.  She also taught in Romania as a Visiting Professor at Babes – Bolyai University.

Dr. Sarah Shono has formerly worked in the Middle East, North Africa and US, carries with her over two decades of accumulated experience teaching English as a Second Language. She has a multi-ethnic background which has helped her better understand the linguistic needs of her students from around the world.