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Seasoned author and academic, Dr. Bradley Saunders serves as Assistant Professor of the Management Faculty at AUBH. He is an Academic Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and a member of the Chartered Management Institute. He has authored one book and presented at several international conferences.

Prior to joining AUBH, Dr. Saunders held a number of academic posts in the Gulf region. His academic experience includes four years as Lecturer at Zayed University in Dubai as one of the very first faculty members. More recently, he served as an Assistant Professor at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he taught for five years. In this role, he was instrumental in firmly establishing the Human Resource Management BA degree program as a respected and popular option for students. Furthermore, he has vast experience in the UK, having taught Management at several UK universities, including the University of Northampton, the University of Derby,  and Regents University London.

Dr. Saunders’ research interests include over-education, migrant workers, self-initiated expatriates, job transitions, corporate expatriation and repatriation, and student employability. His background in research includes covers career experiences of migrant workers from Eastern European countries, working in the United Kingdom (UK). His work examined their motives for seeking work overseas and their willingness to accept jobs in the UK for which they were overqualified. The research findings were presented at various international conferences and were published as a book.

Dr. Saunders holds a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management from De Montfort University, UK as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language. He is fully qualified to teach in the UK, having completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. He received his Ph.D. from Loughborough University Business School, U.K., where he studied career choices of migrant workers from Eastern Europe, working in the U.K.