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Accomplished researcher, Dr. Erik Lotfi has taken on the role as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at AUBH. He has worked extensively as a scientific researcher and has applied his knowledge in the field of teaching and academics throughout the years.

Prior to joining AUBH, Dr. Lofti served as a faculty member of the chemistry department in the College of Arts and Sciences at Qatar University. In earlier years and upon completion of his Ph.D., he worked as a research scientist for the United States Government at General Atomics in San Diego, and as a scientist consultant for NERAC, a consulting company. He followed that role with his entry into academics by serving in a faculty position at the American University of Sulaimani (AUIS), Iraq.

Dr. Lotfi's main field of research include areas of laser spectroscopy, raman spectroscopy, non-linear optics, ultra-short laser pulses, and meta materials. His extensive experience is showcased through 14 publications in various scientific journals, presented in several international conferences such as the American Chemical Society (ACS), Laser Physics, Advanced Electromagnetic Symposiums, and the yearly META conferences. As a physical chemist, over the course of several years, he has taught many classes in physics, mathematics, and chemistry ranging at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr. Lotfi graduated from the University of California, San Diego. He received a full scholarship and completed both his Master of Arts and Ph.D. at Rice University. His dissertation was on studying small molecules with a new and novel technique called REP (Raman Excitation Profiles).