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First level appeals are handled by the Academic Appeal Committee. The student may request a formal hearing by submitting a request in writing to the Director of Student Affairs stating the reason(s) for seeking an appeal. The request must be made within five business days of the conclusion of the mediation meeting. The Chairperson of the Academic Appeal Committee will:

  1. Arrange a hearing before the full Academic Appeal Committee to review the hearing request.
  2. Provide timely notification to the student, in writing, the details the allegation, determination of responsibility, sanction levied, and hearing date/time/location. A copy of the letter will be sent to the Director of Student Affairs.

The student may request that the Director of Student Affairs appoint a silent adviser to be present at the appeal hearing. The adviser may confer with the student, but may not make comments on behalf of the student. If the student plans to bring legal counsel, the student must notify the Director of Student Affairs in writing within 24 business hours (excluding weekends) in advance of the meeting to provide an opportunity for the university to also have legal counsel present. The appeal process is not a legal process and, consequently, the rules of the legal process do not apply during the appeal hearing.

Upon receipt of the written findings of the Academic Appeal Committee, the student may seek a second level (final) appeal. Second level (final) appeals are administered by the Provost. To request a second level (final) appeal, the student must submit a request to the Provost, in writing, within 10 business days of the Academic Appeal Committee decision being rendered. Criteria for granting an appeal with the Provost are limited to: 1) identifying new evidence available that was not presented at the first level appeal or 2) providing proof that the appeal procedure as outlined was not followed.

The Provost will consider all evidence presented during the previous mediation meeting and Academic Appeal Committee hearing (first level appeal). In all cases, the decision of the Provost is final.