Facts & Figures

The Facts and Figures is a compilation of a number of key statistics, such as nationalities, program breakdowns, student council clubs, etc.

Last updated on October 2023

Student Statistics:
Distribution by Nationality (%)
Distribution by Gender (%)
Students' Total Enrollment

Current Students’ Enrollment Per Program

Program Female Male Total
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design 55 20 75
Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing and Social Media 38 19 57
Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance 34 29 63
Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management 17 5 22
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management 23 30 53
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 12 11 23
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering 21 19 40
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 26 49 75
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity 6 16 22
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering 30 31 61
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 44 51
Master of Business Administration 33 48 81
Master of Science in Engineering Management 3 14 17
Intensive English Program 8 8 16
Total 313 343 656

Percent of Students Receiving a Full or Partial Scholarship (%)

AUBH believes in providing access to different groups of students within society. To achieve this, students are entitled to apply for full and partial scholarships, which are allocated based on students’ merit or academic performance. Apart from that, a number of governmental and private entities trust AUBH and hence choose to support their affiliates by sponsoring their education at AUBH. The University is also looking into expanding its support to athletes by collaborating with youth and sports entities and offering them partial scholarships.

Campus Life 2023 - 2024


AUBH has a vision for the campus to be a hub for holistic learning, where students engage in both individual and team sports. The sports facilities include a state-of-the-art sports hall for basketball and a floodlit AstroTurf field for soccer. Our continuous efforts are aimed at fostering an environment that promotes the health and fitness of our students.
Sports No. of Students
Ladies Volleyball 12
Mens Basketball 16
Mens Soccer 22
Chess 6
Paddle 12
Table Tennis 7
Mens Volleyball 11

Student Council Clubs

The student body at the university is represented through university student council that is elected every year. The student council has a leadership role to represent their fellow students and to offer recommendations to the university management on wide range of aspects that governs the academic and administrative affairs of the university. The council members also propose and organize a variety of recreational activities that could contribute to the enrichment of the extracurricular experience for students. The members introduce and manage academic or non-academic clubs in line with the demand/interests of the student body that they represent.
Type of Club No. of Students
Automotive Club 34
Cinema Club 53
Debate Club 21
Book Club 24
Sustainability Club 26

Guest Speakers & Field Trips

At AUBH we strive to keep our students in touch with the industry and provide them with opportunities to link and reflect on how the courses they are learning relate to the real world by inviting guest speakers and field trips.

Guest Speakers: His Highness Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Ian Rush, David Richards, Eng. Hafedh Al-Qassab, Dr. Stefano Pettinato, Stephen Ritz

Field Trips: Tamkeen, Al Salam Bank, Bahrain National Museum, Alba, Fintech Bay, BMedia, Kimberly-Clark

Working on Campus

Despite being small and new, AUBH offers exceptional students the opportunity to work on campus in different fields based on the needs of the organization:

Type of Support No. of Students
Teaching Assistance 4
Academic Support/Peer Tutoring 28
Marketing & Enrollment 13
Registration 3
Gym & Library 5

Fall Cohort Retention Rates

Cohort* No. of Students Retention Rate
Fall 2019 57 40%
Fall 2020 78 65%
Fall 2021 114 74%
Fall 2022 125 87%

*The data provided pertains specifically to Undergraduate students and does not encompass Intensive English program or graduates students.

Graduates’ Length of Study

Graduation Year Less than Four Years Four Years Total Graduates
2022 - 2023 8 20 28
Staff Statistics:

AUBH embraces the diversity that one finds in Bahrain and has diverse staff from many different backgrounds and nationalities.

Distribution by Nationality (%)
Distribution by Gender (%)