College of Engineering

Globally, engineers are always in demand, designing and implementing large
innovative projects.

In the College of Engineering, we combine the fields of science and math to
solve real world problems that will improve the world around us.

College of Business & Management

Modern managers at the top of their game do not only lead teams, they are skilled
problem solvers. They are able to leverage technology to develop their businesses
and are experts at cost analysis and able to build strong and high performing teams.

In the College of Business and Management, we cultivate future business leaders who
have a strong interest in collaboration, communication, and negotiation.

College of Media & Design

Various forms of media are to be found in virtually every aspect of modern life.

The AUBH multimedia program prepares innovative creators of imagery, videography, sound and art to pursue exciting careers in a wide range of industry settings.

In the College of Media and Design, we provide students with the opportunity to specialize in mass communication, production, or advertising.