Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

A company’s human resources department does much more than hire staff; they are at the forefront of creating fair labor practices, ensuring diversity in the workplace and helping employees get the best out of their roles. Professionals in Human Resources work to create a safe, healthy, productive environment to support and grow a business. Human Resource professionals often sit at the right hand of CEOs, helping them to nurture talent, listening to business needs and ultimately growing company productivity.

Program Content

With a focus on soft skills, this four-year program sees students develop an appreciation of the impact of internal and external issues facing their company’s employees, the strategic nature of human resource management interventions, empathy, and active listening and communication skills. Modules also cover global thinking, the challenges of working in a changing environment and the key behaviors of a HR professional practitioner. Students than have the options to hone their studies, concentrating on areas that are meaningful to them, like Organizational Behavior or Financial Risk Management. By the time students finish at AUBH, they are equipped as 360-degree Human Resource professionals in any chosen industry.

Who should apply?

Active listeners who can think globally, and ethical and fair professionals who can balance company and employee welfare. Students who are good communicators and have the ability to inspire others will have an immediate advantage in this program. Graduates will not only be full-discipline HR professionals with this degree; specific area roles will be open to them, for example Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Recruiter / Talent or Training and Professional Development.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate understanding of the contribution of HRM interventions and strategic initiatives in domestic and multinational organizations.

2. Adapt appropriate HRM strategies in domestic and multinational organizations in order to formulate solutions to improve human performance and enhance company competitive standing.

3. Demonstrate creativity in designing effective HRM policies and analyze the validity of the results within the organization

4. Interpret and evaluate numerical and graphical data obtained from HRM functions such as recruitment and selection, performance management, training evaluation, and compensation administration.

5. Demonstrate effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, and professional and personal development skills that enable them to manage complex problems in the workplace effectively

6. Display a range of personal and interpersonal skills, including the capacity for continuous learning, taking initiatives, performing to deadlines, working in a team, communicating effectively and persuasively, skills which are necessary to enter a career in business organizations or undertake further study.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

125 Credits

Course Information

Career and Learning Progression

Career Progression:

Graduates of the program can pursue careers in various fields such as:

  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Employee Relations Officers
  • Training and Professional Developers
  • Organizational Behavior Specialists
  • HR Consultants
  • Staffing Directors

They are also prepared with a strong foundation to progress to graduate studies within their field of study. 

Learning Progression:

Graduates holding a BBA in Human Resource Management from AUBH have various prospects to further their education and knowledge in Human Resource Management based on their learned skills, interests, and strengths. After graduation, they can study further in order to achieve various accreditations and qualifications from awarding bodies such as at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at the United States, or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) from the United Kingdom, among others. Students may also choose to pursue post-graduate academic degrees, including MBA degree (like the one offered by AUBH) or to pursue other Master’s degrees in relevant areas to Human Resource Management including Global Human Resource Management, Talent Management, People Management and Organizational Development, either locally, regionally, or internationally.