The American University of Bahrain grants scholarships to students with exemplary academic performance, personal achievements, and motivation to succeed. These students are also seen as ambassadors of our mission and vision, and can who thrive within a diverse and multicultural student body.

We provide several scholarship opportunities to support our students’ educational goals. At AUBH, we are committed to student success. Therefore, all scholarships and financial aid are at the discretion of the University. Scholarships are designed to reward, encourage, and assist students in pursuing academic excellence.

Full Scholarship

This scholarship covers books and tuition fees for four academic years.
Criteria for Application
Documents Required
The deadline to apply for a full scholarship is May 15, 2024. Limited seats available.

Partial Scholarships

This scholarship scheme is for domestic students only.

Early Enrollees Award

The Early Enrollees Award is a guaranteed award for those who enroll by the specified deadline. However, if the recipient qualifies for and receives a higher value scholarship, the early Enrollees award will no longer apply.

Type of Scholarship Criteria of Selection Percentage
Early Enrollees Registration fee (BD 600) is paid by by December 10th, 2023 or March 31st, 2024 10%

Academic Excellence Award

Scholarships are granted based on a student’s high school (GPA).

Type of Scholarship Criteria of Selection Percentage
Public schools 90%
80% - 89%
Private schools Above 95%
90% - 95%
80% - 89%
A Levels AAB
IB 34 IB points or above
31-33 IB points

Inspire, Lead, and Compete Award

These scholarships are granted for exceptional skills or achievements in specific fields. Students must submit their portfolio and undergo an interview process. Limited seats available.
Type of Scholarship Criteria of Selection Percentage
Talent, Athletic, Community Service, and Leadership. GPA of 75% and above.
Interview process


  • Scholarships will not be granted until the student pays the seat reservation fee (BD 600).
  • Registration fee deadline is mentioned in the scholarship contract.
  • The deadline to apply for scholarships is July 31, 2024 (Fall Semester).

International Scholarships

This scholarship scheme is for international students only, coming from outside of Bahrain.
Type of Scholarship Amount
AUBH Global Scholarship BHD 1,000 annually
AUBH President’s Scholarship BHD 1,500 annually
Criteria of selection: All international students are encouraged to apply and are automatically eligible for a scholarship once admitted to AUBH (undergraduate degree programs only).

Financial Aid

Need-based scholarship Criteria of Selection
Need-based Financial Aid AUBH offers need-based financial aid scholarships. This is determined by the student's financial situation and household income. Applicants should be Bahraini nationals and must have an outstanding academic achievement.
Financial Assistance We offer additional financial assistance and loan options. Please contact the Enrollment Office for further information.

Scholarship Registration Form