Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Modern managers at the top of their game do not only lead teams – they are skilled problem-solvers, experts at cost analysis and are able to leverage technology to develop their businesses and impact wider industries. A BBA degree in Management creates a world of opportunity for leadership careers across industry, government, and non-profit organizations, as well as for advanced study.

Program Content

BBA students study a holistic program require analytical, conceptual and strategic problem-solving skills, and can be applied across a range of industry sectors. This professionally-oriented four-year program provides a solid grounding in the entire business ecosystem. It incorporates accounting, business law, macro and micro-economics, marketing, management, strategy and ethics. Following the core programs you will learn to address emerging issues, and to respond with innovation, through focused modules on operations management, HR, cross-cultural development, and international trade and investment. This program also develops entrepreneurship, with family business, managing change and negotiation as key advanced elements. Throughout the program the use of problem analysis, critical thinking, communication skills, and technological skills ensure graduates are work-ready leaders.

Who should apply?

With this four-year undergraduate curriculum, we are cultivating future business leaders who have a strong interest in collaboration and communication, and are able to negotiate any situation skillfully. The ability to self-motivate and self-start will be a bonus, due to the case study and internship elements of this program. Applicants should have strong analytical skills, and an ability to work collaboratively across all levels of an organisation, with an existing eye for business development and team talent opportunities in a company or situation.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

125 Credits

Course Information