Sports & Recreation

AUBH has a vision of creating a campus that promotes learning for both the mind and body, giving students the opportunity to participate in individual and team sports. Our sports facilities include state-of-the-art equipment such as a sports hall for basketball and floodlit AstroTurf fields for soccer. We also strive to provide an environment that supports the health and fitness of their students.

Health and wellness is at the heart of our student experience at AUBH, and with this in mind we have created a holistic space where students can work out, relax, take part in team sports or socialize with friends. Our Sports Center fuses athletics and wellness and is equipped with a spacious fitness center featuring cardio and strength training spaces and over 15 exercise machines; a basketball court, floodlit soccer field, and two group exercise rooms where various fitness classes are offered to students.

Adjacent to the Sports Center is the Student Commons, which is home to various non-academic campus spaces including dining, socializing and student activities. The ground floor houses food & beverage outlets along with a vast lunchroom. The first floor is dedicated to the Student Council and student clubs, set up with different sitting areas for students to independently socialize.