Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design

Designers with capabilities across multimedia have the creative world open to them, with opportunities in graphics, illustration, web, gaming, film and video, social media and photography to name a few. The entire world engages with every aspect of modern life through various forms of media, and the it is the creators behind this imagery, videography and innovative art that we are shaping through our courses. Multimedia is also non-specific by industry, meaning that the skills and knowledge possessed by these versatile designers can offer careers in literally any sector or organization – the sky’s the limit.

Program Content

At the beginning, students are exposed to the role of imagery in culture, along with the ability to translate concepts, subjects, themes or narratives into visual language. Focus is given to today’s computer culture, covering information networks, multimedia environments and design and innovation processes. Each specialization option develops a solid base of multimedia skills and knowledge, encompassing interface design, 2-D animation, video production, web-based design, and digital audio, and hands-on experience with real-world multimedia production.

Budding photographers and videographers have their talent nurtured by learning technical skills and the process and philosophy of the art, moving on to image modification skills. Hand artists will also excel here in learning the translation of their craft to the digital medium. Students also have the choice to undertake an internship in one of our media, advertising, and production houses, preparing them to step into the workplace as ready designers.

With electives offered across business and professional services as well as technology entrepreneurship, designers are well-versed in not only the technical and creative side of their field, but are also given the awareness of how their skills enhance companies and products, enabling them to take on leadership roles in a variety of sectors.

Who should apply?

This four-year undergraduate program gives students the opportunity to specialize in mass communication, production, or advertising, so an interest and knowledge of these industries will be a bonus. If you have a creative flair and excellent visual communication skills, or perhaps an interest or passion for art, then Multimedia Design is for you. Students who possess strong IT skills and have a basic understanding of design software will also have an advantage on this creative program.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design

125 Credits

Course Information