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Spring - Last Day to Enroll - 07 February 2023

Summer - Last Day to Enroll - 28 May 2023

Fall - Last Day to Enroll - 03 September 2023

How to Apply

International Students

AUBH is located in close proximity to a number of other schools and universities, which ensures a well-resourced location for students, with a variety of restaurants available in addition to our on-campus options. Alosra Supermarket in Riffa Views is the closest convenience store for all grocery needs and is within walking distance of the campus.

There are multiple activity options available for thrill-seekers. The Bahrain International Circuit, home to the annual Formula One race is less than a 10 minute drive away. The circuit offers a global standard karting track and various thrilling motoring experiences including Ducati riding, dragsters and Land Rover off-road driving. Bahrain’s first indoor skydiving center, Gravity Village, located near the campus, is a great place to hang out with friends, hosting an outdoor gym, green space and various cafes. Bahrain’s biggest outdoor waterpark, the Lost Paradise of Dilmun, complete with wave pool and beach cabanas, is a short drive from campus and offers student discount and ladies-only nights.

Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ

Our University offers an American-model university education which fosters interaction and collaboration between students, faculty and the professional community, resulting in a unique educational journey for students, going beyond what’s learned in the classrooms. 

Conceived as an institution to raise the bar of educational standards in the Arab world, AUBH’s purpose-built campus in Riffa is a second home to a new caliber of potential graduate, nurtured and mentored by hand-picked faculty from the best of international and local expertise. 

Complete with the latest in learning technology, library, labs, fitness center, football and basketball courts, our campus is alive with the buzz of academic and extra-curricular life amongst a multi-cultural student body.

Under the College of Engineering:

  • A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • A Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • A Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering
  • A Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering

Under the College of Business:

  • A Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
  • A Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
  • A Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources
  • A Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • A Master of Business Administration

Under the College of Media & Design

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design

Yes, AUBH has recently launched is first graduate degree program: a Master of Business Administration.

AUBH is proud to be licensed by the Higher Education Council of the Ministry of Education of Bahrain. 

On June 3rd, 2021, a WSCUC panel reviewed the appropriate Eligibility criteria and determined that the institution is eligible to proceed with an Application for Accreditation. 

A determination of Eligibility is not a formal status with the WASC Senior College and University Commission, nor does it ensure eventual accreditation. 

It is a preliminary finding that the institution is potentially accreditable and can proceed within five years of its Eligibility determination to be reviewed for Candidacy or Initial Accreditation status with the Commission.

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