Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

The financial sector is a diverse and fascinating career field, and with this internationally-centric business degree majoring in finance, opportunities exist in the leadership of any business, non-profit organization, or government agency. This course also has a strong focus on financial management for entrepreneurship, enabling students to pursue an advisory role to all scales of corporations.

Program Content

Business students will gain a unique blend of analytical, conceptual and strategic problem-solving skills which can be applied across a range of industry sectors. This professionally-oriented four-year program provides a solid grounding in the entire business ecosystem, incorporating accounting, business law, macro and micro-economics, marketing, management, strategy and ethics. Advancing to focus on the principles of banking, the financial services market, corporate finance and business research methods, the program delves into detailed financial models and performance evaluation. Emphasis is also given to the borrowing, lending and investing of money, facilitating a dynamic understanding of the real-world workings of the financial industry.

Who should apply?

With this four-year undergraduate curriculum, we are cultivating future business leaders who have a strong interest in economics and core STEM subjects such as mathematics and science. The ability to self-motivate and self-start will be a bonus. Applicants should have strong analytical skills and an ability to work collaboratively across all levels of an organisation, with an existing eye for financial opportunities in a company or situation.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

125 Credits

Course Information