Academic Philosophy

Automation across industries has led to the decline of job roles and changes within many workplace environments. Industries now require innovative skills that are not traditionally taught in tertiary education. A combination of professional knowledge, technical expertise, and an array of soft skills are now demanded; with creative thinking, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and digital literacy being central to the new graduate toolbox.

In the 2019 Global Learner Survey, US-based educational consultants Pearson discovered what they call a “learner driven revolution”. Their research showcased the needs of employers today, emphasizing a young workforce, possessing unique and relevant soft skills.

At AUBH, we have a constant eye on creativity, originality and problem solving in our curriculum and the way we teach. Our aim is to graduate confident individuals who are skilled beyond academics, for today’s dynamic economy.

Across our disciplines of Business, Engineering and Multimedia & Design, our unique curricula is based on best-practices from highly acclaimed U.S. colleges and universities. Our faculty are handpicked to offer the best combination of local and international teachers and researchers in their respective fields. They have created tailored a curriculum which is experiential, interactive and entrepreneurial with the aim of creating work-ready graduates who are a cut above the rest in the Kingdom, and can transition seamlessly from academia to application.

An Experiential Approach

At AUBH, we go beyond imparting knowledge and focus our attention on providing students with the tools they need to be successful and give them real-world experience to promote critical thinking and dynamism. Over the next 10 years, international employers expect their demand for STEM professionals to rise substantially, and we are proactively responding to this need through our STEM-based programming.  

AUBH promotes a broad array of development skills, from collaboration to creativity, critical thinking to problem solving, and leadership to service. Our students are introduced to non-traditional educational settings such as workshops, labs, studios, internships, and real-world case studies that allow them to observe, model, apply, and master employability skills. Our flexible curriculum give students the freedom to discover new interests and career pathways. During their first two years of our courses, students will be assisted and guided to find their true passion within our dynamic program offerings.

Mentorship & Advising

AUBH recognizes the need for mentorship and advising. We want our students to be inspired by their mentors, faculty, support staff and each other, finding inspiration and motivation along the way. It is our goal to offer extra-curricular events – ranging from speaker series to clubs and sports teams, where fostering collaboration, teamwork and celebrating individuality are paramount.

Our faculty and mentors establish relationships with students on a personal level, becoming familiar with their personal and professional goals which when intertwined with emphasis on employability and competitiveness, result in the most competent and valuable candidates for this increasingly global workforce.