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College of Media & Design

Why Multimedia Design?

Designers with capabilities across multimedia have the creative world open to them, with opportunities in graphics, illustration, web, gaming, film and video, social media and photography to name a few. The entire world engages with every aspect of modern life through various forms of media, and the it is the creators behind this imagery, videography and innovative art that we are shaping through our courses. Multimedia is also non-specific by industry, meaning that the skills and knowledge possessed by these versatile designers can offer careers in literally any sector or organization – the sky’s the limit.

Who Should Apply?

This four-year undergraduate program gives students the opportunity to specialize in mass communication, production, or advertising, so an interest and knowledge of these industries will be a bonus. If you have a creative flair and excellent visual communication skills, or perhaps an interest or passion for art, then Multimedia Design is for you. Students who possess strong IT skills and have a basic understanding of design software will also have an advantage on this creative program.

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Why Multimedia Management?

Now, even traditional Investment Banks need creative thinkers to help advance their multimedia platforms and innovate for their clients. The digital world is expanding daily, and artists and other creative talent are finding new ways to express themselves digitally, whether through designing impactful marketing campaigns, or creating the next viral Tik Tok challenge. AUBH’s MA in Multimedia Management gives existing creatives the opportunity to build competencies in media theory and practice while acquiring the managerial skills needed to lead teams of creative people. In addition, students will have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills to be successful media business owners.

Who Should Apply?

Free thinkers who want to create original concepts, animations and artworks, and want to lead a team. This two-year degree is for anyone who wants to climb higher in the advertising, media, fine art, marketing or public relations fields, or an existing professional looking to shift to a multimedia career. Graduates will explore building both technical and soft skills including: agility; adapting to change; solving challenging problems quickly; building and sustaining customer relationships; and staying current in media tools and resources adaptive to multiple industries. Locally, this could mean creating the next viral video ad, or managing one of Bahrain’s tech start-ups.

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College of Business & Management

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is now the driving force behind many businesses. Companies are now hiring marketeers with digital capabilities as their first priority, with the recent shift to online working making them in high demand. People who think in big, bold colors with ambitious ideas love the limitless potential of a socially-driven career. It is a versatile path that requires creativity, market analysis skills and real-time response.

Who should apply?

Students who see themselves as innovators and want a dynamic career encompassing all forms of digital media. People who see great marketing campaigns and still think, “I want to do better.” Students who are captivated by what makes a media campaign go viral, how to create unique social content, and what drives sales through multiple digital platforms will be fascinated with this degree.

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Why Finance?

The financial sector is a diverse and fascinating career field, and with this internationally-centric business degree majoring in finance, opportunities exist in the leadership of any business, non-profit organization, or government agency. This course also has a strong focus on financial management for entrepreneurship, enabling students to pursue an advisory role to all scales of corporations.

Who Should Apply?

With this four-year undergraduate curriculum, we are cultivating future business leaders who have a strong interest in economics and core STEM subjects such as mathematics and science. The ability to self-motivate and self-start will be a bonus. Applicants should have strong analytical skills and an ability to work collaboratively across all levels of an organisation, with an existing eye for financial opportunities in a company or situation.

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Why Human Resources?

A company’s human resources department does much more than hire staff; they are at the forefront of creating fair labor practices, ensuring diversity in the workplace and helping employees get the best out of their roles. Professionals in Human Resources work to create a safe, healthy, productive environment to support and grow a business. Human Resource professionals often sit at the right hand of CEOs, helping them to nurture talent, listening to business needs and ultimately growing company productivity.

Who Should Apply?

Active listeners who can think globally, and ethical and fair professionals who can balance company and employee welfare. Students who are good communicators and have the ability to inspire others will have an immediate advantage in this program. Graduates will not only be full-discipline HR professionals with this degree; specific area roles will be open to them, for example Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Recruiter / Talent or Training and Professional Development.

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Why Management?

Modern managers at the top of their game do not only lead teams – they are skilled problem-solvers, experts at cost analysis and are able to leverage technology to develop their businesses and impact wider industries. A BBA degree in Management creates a world of opportunity for leadership careers across industry, government, and non-profit organizations, as well as for advanced study.

Who Should Apply?

With this four-year undergraduate curriculum, we are cultivating future business leaders who have a strong interest in collaboration and communication, and are able to negotiate any situation skillfully. The ability to self-motivate and self-start will be a bonus, due to the case study and internship elements of this program. Applicants should have strong analytical skills, and an ability to work collaboratively across all levels of an organisation, with an existing eye for business development and team talent opportunities in a company or situation.

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Why Business Management?

A high-level MBA qualification opens up a wealth of leadership opportunities. AUBH’s MBA can accelerate a corporate career path or lay the foundation for the next tech startup. This degree is widely applicable across all industries; exploring the latest global business trends, the newest management tools and techniques, and challenging students to improve networks and collaboration.

Who Should Apply?

This two-year course is an exciting choice for anyone looking to take an existing career to the next level, or for recent graduates to hone their business and management skills. In an economy characterized by intense competition, technological change and rapid growth of globalization, students with an MBA-level qualification and credentials will have the edge in career opportunities. An MBA is broad enough to be applicable to multiple sectors, while providing specific skills for management and real-world challenges. AUBH’s MBA shows students how to blaze their own paths, whether it leads them to the C-Suite, entrepreneurship or teaching businesses to thrive.

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College of Engineering

Why Civil Engineering?

Have you ever looked at an enormous skyscraper and wondered how it got there? The answer will always lead directly to Civil Engineers. Civil Engineering provides the backbone for all large-scale public works projects and private developments. Iconic buildings all over the world, from the Burj Khalifa to the San Francisco bridge were conceived and constructed by civil engineers who have become celebrities in their fields. Our AUBH degree program will give students the competitive edge they need to be a mega-project designer, while also preparing them for the technical and social requirements of working within the development industry.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who likes to think big! A Civil Engineering qualification will bring graduates to project possibilities all around the world. Whether at home or abroad, civil engineers are always in demand, designing and implementing large-scale construction projects and architectural icons. This four-year Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering combines technical and management skills, making graduates the most flexible and versatile engineers. The College focuses on the integration of strong mathematics, sciences and computing preparation with a wide range of business applications, and the development of ethical, socially responsible and global attitudes.

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Why Computer Engineering?

Perhaps the most in-demand skillset in today’s tech-centric world, Computer Engineering and its application across all industries is changing the way we experience life and is evolving rapidly. We want to place our students at the forefront of the telecommunications, networks, and electronics industries. Our versatile graduates can go on to a multitude of careers in the technological development of practically any sector.

Who Should Apply?

This 4-year undergraduate program produces dynamic computer engineers who enjoy working collaboratively and can adapt to the constant change of the industry. If you love to experiment and have a passion for technology, then computer engineering is for you. Applicants to this degree program will need a strong basis in mathematics, sciences, electronics and computing basics, and need to be able to self-evaluate throughout their studies.

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Why Computer Science?

Computer Science is one of the most sought-after skill sets, opening doors to dynamic and entrepreneurial career possibilities and opportunities with tech giants and SME’s. This program develops students’ ability to program, design, test, develop and innovate which can be applied throughout today’s tech-centric world. Students learn to address computer systems and devices, at both hardware and software levels. Their well-rounded skills cover testing, development, optimization, implementation, maintenance, analysis and design.

Who Should Apply?

This four-year undergraduate program will have a foundation in mathematics, sciences, electronics and computing basics. Applicants to this degree program should have strong analytical skills and the ability to self-evaluate throughout their studies.

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Why Industrial Engineering?

Amazon, FedEx, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla - just a few major economic giants who have recently advertised for Industrial Engineers. This internationally mobile and varied career can be applied in leadership roles across a multitude of sectors, be it manufacturing or professional, technical, and scientific services - and the industry is growing year on year. Aerospace, architecture, automotive, machinery, artificial intelligence, healthcare – the sky is the limit with this practical and multi-faceted degree choice.

Who Should Apply?

This four-year undergraduate program produces versatile Industrial Engineers who can integrate science, engineering and socio-economic knowledge, and can go on to lead within the sector. If you have good interpersonal skills alongside a strong interest in mechanics, Industrial Engineering will bring out the inventor and innovator inside you. If you also have a strong basis in mathematics and science, plus a streak of creativity, then Industrial Engineering is the right program for you.

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Why Mechanical Engineering (ME)?

Mechanical Engineering is an international and diverse career path that can be applied in leadership positions across a various industries. This practical and multifaceted program develops students’ passion for design while building skillsets that can be applied in many areas such as aerospace, architecture, automotive, machinery, healthcare and artificial intelligence

Who Should Apply?

This four-year undergraduate program enables students to design processes and manage systems while fostering the ability to apply math and science principles to solve problems related to moving objects. Applicants should have strong practical and analytical skills with a basic interest and curiosity towards discovery of how every-day objects function.

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Why Engineering Management?

This program aims to provide students with the fundamentals needed to meet the new competitive challenges of the modern engineering design industry, which is in the midst of rapid growth. It also fosters an understanding of the changes in business, industry and government that affect this dynamic sector, making graduates senior level professionals able to lead teams of other engineers.

Who Should Apply?

Mid and senior level professionals who are looking to strengthen their credentials as C-Level executives, administrators and consultants. This program is for engineers who are passionate about their work and want to build on their existing portfolio and skillset. Analytical thinkers with a background in engineering theory and principles will have an immediate advantage in this program.

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Assistant Professor of Math

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Assistant Professor of Economics

Program Lead (Associate Professor of Business and Economics)

Program Lead (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)

Program Lead (Associate Professor of Multimedia)

Lecturer in Arabic and National Studies

Program Lead (Professor of Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy)

Lecturer in English

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor of Multimedia

Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Assistant Professor of English

Lecturer in Management

Lecturer in Industrial Engineering

Lecturer in Management

Lecturer of Multimedia Design

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering

Laboratory Technician of Sciences

Assistant Professor of Management, MBA coordinator

Lecturer of Multimedia and Design

Lecturer in Marketing

Lecturer in Engineering and Physics

Lecturer of Math

Lecturer in Math and Physics

Lecturer in Industrial Engineering

Preparatory Programs


The AUBH Intensive English Program (IEP) is designed to provide developmental English proficiency support to non-native speakers. IEP provides a platform for students who want to gain entry into any of the AUBH degree programs or for those who simply want to upgrade their English skills. The program is offered in short 7-week terms tailored to the needs of students with different levels of English proficiency. Student with an IELTs entry score of 4.5, 5.0, or 5.5 will be able to take the necessary courses to ensure that they exit at a level that is consistent with an IELTs score of 6.0 which is the entry requirement for AUBH degrees. Students who successfully pass the IEP program will be guaranteed entry into AUBH degrees as long as they meet the GPA entry requirements.


Program Outcomes

Program Outcome 1:

Be familiar with the structure of higher-level/academic language forms.

Program Outcome 2:

Give an accurate written description of at least 150 words in 20 minutes and write a formal essay of at least 250 words in 40 minutes.

Program Outcome 3:

Speak on familiar topics in short question and answer form, a 2-minute speech and a discussion. Program Outcome 4: Acquire and utilize skills including time management, taking lecture notes, annotating textbooks, and preparing for and taking exams that will be necessary for success in degree programs.


Courses and Pricing:

Course Hours per Week Hours per Term Student Achievement Fee
ENG022 Reading and Writing 5 35 IELTS 4.5 to 5 900 USD
ENG032 Reading and Writing 5 35 IELTS 5 to 5.5 900 USD
ENG042 Academic Reading and Writing 5 35 IELTS 5.5 to 6 900 USD
ENG023 Listening and Speaking 5 35 IELTS 4.5 to 5 900 USD
ENG033 Listening and Speaking 5 35 IELTS 5 to 5.5 900 USD

IEP is offered in small class sizes, so students are provided the care and attention they need to succeed. Get started on powering up your English skills by joining the AUBH Intensive English Program today!

For more information, please contact Admissions via email: or Telephone: +973 7799 7008 or WhatsApp +973 3366 3343

AUBH is an official Cambridge Assessment Center for English language testing. We have opened English language proficiency testing online to all candidates in the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad.

Drawing on over 100 years of research, Cambridge Assessment exams are trusted as secure English tests by governments worldwide. Linguaskill results are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability. Cambridge qualifications are internationally accepted as the highest quality mark in English language assessment.

Linguaskill is a quick and convenient online test to assess the English levels of individuals and groups of candidates, powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. It tests all four language skills - speaking, writing, reading and listening - in modules.

#StayHome and book your Linguaskill test online now!

  • This test is open to all candidates.
  • To book your test, please fill out the form here or e-mail us at
  • The test will be taken through the online platform ProctorU.
  • Test cost: BHD 100

The purpose of this test is to put students in preparatory classes for mathematics, if necessary. Preparatory classes allow students to improve their skills in certain subjects and increase the academic student's chances of success in his or her degree program.

Please note that your performance in the placement test will not affect the acceptance decision. In other words, you will be accepted into the program of your choice as long as you meet the GPA, English requirements and pass the interview. The results of the level test results will simply be used to include an additional preparatory course in mathematics as part of your admission, only if necessary. It will give you the ability to register for first-year materials while taking your preparatory course

Our test at AUBH is called "ALEKS PPL" by McGraw-Hill. ALEKS PPL uses open adaptive questions to respond to each student's rapid and accurate assessment of a wide range of course materials in 30 or fewer questions. This means that each student will get a unique set of questions, the test will change the level of questions based on how each question is answered. All questions are open questions with no multiple-choice questions. Most students take about 60-90 minutes to complete the online test. However, you will have up to 2hrs and 30 minutes.

If you want to prepare for the level-setting test and view some typical questions, you can visit the link below


AWS Academy Cloud Foundations (ACF) is intended for students and professionals who seek an overall understanding of cloud computing concepts, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing and support.


BHD 240 (Covid-19 rate)

Intended Audience

This introductory (Level 100) course is intended for AWS Academy member institutions.


This is an entry-level course, but it assumes the following:

  • General IT technical knowledge
  • General IT business knowledge

Delivery Method

This course is delivered through a mix of:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Video
  • LMS-hosted content
  • Hands-On Labs

Hands-On Activity

This course allows you to test new skills and apply knowledge to your working environment through a variety of practical exercises.


Approximately 20 Hours. 


Mrs. Sameera Al Atawi

Director of Information Technology

+973 39760076

Download course details

Academic Partnership

The American University of Bahrain is in an academic partnership with U.S. University partner, California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

This pioneering partnership aims to connect students based in the Middle East and North Africa to the largest university system in the United States, effectively paving a seamless pathway to the U.S. for those aspiring to access a bespoke international experience. AUBH students have access to a robust curriculum focused on forefront preparation for academic success, as well as for careers in the regional and global marketplace, opportunities to study abroad, and a pathway to finish their studies in the United States.  

CSUN is part of the 23-campus California State University system, which is the largest in the United States with nearly 500,000 students and more than 50,000 faculty and staff. Located in Los Angeles, CSUN is one of the largest universities in the United States enrolling nearly 40,000 full- and part-time students in Fall 2020. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and a number of field-specific accreditors, CSUN employs more than 2,000 faculty members teaching courses across 69 disciplines, master’s degrees in 69 fields and three doctorates.  

AUBH is working with CSUN to align its high-quality curricula and create opportunities for students to experience a broad range of new programs and international experiences, including attending summer programs in California, and receiving a CSUN degree through completing one, two, or three years of coursework enrolled at CSUN, and vice versa at AUBH, for CSUN Students who wish to study in Bahrain. This wide array of options makes for a more financially accessible and flexible international experience for young adults who wish to study in the U.S. 

Moreover, as academic partners AUBH is working with CSUN to create opportunities for: 

  1. Visiting Professorships

  1. Industry Collaborations 

  1. Internship opportunities between Bahrain and the United States.  

This distinctive partnership not only represents an impressive milestone for the Kingdom in its continued efforts to elevate the quality of education in Bahrain, but it offers a plethora of new opportunities for students based throughout the region and beyond to experience a world-class higher education, starting right here in the Kingdom. It also opens new avenues of collaboration between the industry here and the U.S., creating new opportunities of exchange of a commercial, cultural, and artistic nature. 

- For more information, please email or fill the form here for an AUBH enrollment representative to contact you. 

- For more on CSUN’s academic programs, please click here

- For more on CSUN’s accreditation status, please click here.  

- To go on a virtual tour of the campus, please click here.

Academic Partnership

Academic Advising

The primary aim of the Office of Academic Advising is to guide students through a chosen academic program and assist them in establishing and maintaining a path to graduation.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor who works to connect students to the services and support available at the University. Students are required to meet regularly with their assigned academic advisor regarding the chosen academic program and progress toward the intended degree. Each student must also obtain the approval of the assigned academic advisor before registering and/or making registration changes.

AUBH recognizes that students hold the primary responsibility for their education and, hence, for their program choices. However, the academic advisor’s guidance is crucial in developing an informed basis for making responsible and expedient academic decisions. The obligation to understand and abide by the regulations of the chosen program resides with the student. Thus, academic advisors’ roles are to assist with academic planning; however, final responsibility rests with the student.  

Academic advisors are assigned before students enroll in any classes. If, for any reason, a student wishes to have a different academic advisor, the student may submit an official Change of Academic Advisor request form.

Academic Philosophy

Automation across industries has led to the decline of job roles and changes within many workplace environments. Industries now require innovative skills that are not traditionally taught in tertiary education. A combination of professional knowledge, technical expertise, and an array of soft skills are now demanded; with creative thinking, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and digital literacy being central to the new graduate toolbox. 

In the 2019 Global Learner Survey, US-based educational consultants Pearson discovered what they call a “learner driven revolution”. Their research showcased the needs of employers today, emphasizing a young workforce, possessing unique and relevant soft skills.

At AUBH, we have a constant eye on creativity, originality and problem solving in our curriculum and the way we teach. Our aim is to graduate confident individuals who are skilled beyond academics, for today’s dynamic economy.

Across our disciplines of Business, Engineering and Multimedia & Design, our unique curricula is based on best-practices from highly acclaimed U.S. colleges and universities. Our faculty are handpicked to offer the best combination of local and international teachers and researchers in their respective fields. They have created tailored a curriculum which is experiential, interactive and entrepreneurial with the aim of creating work-ready graduates who are a cut above the rest in the Kingdom, and can transition seamlessly from academia to application.

An Experiential Approach

At AUBH, we go beyond imparting knowledge and focus our attention on providing students with the tools they need to be successful and give them real-world experience to promote critical thinking and dynamism. Over the next 10 years, international employers expect their demand for STEM professionals to rise substantially, and we are proactively responding to this need through our STEM-based programming.  

AUBH promotes a broad array of development skills, from collaboration to creativity, critical thinking to problem solving, and leadership to service. Our students are introduced to non-traditional educational settings such as workshops, labs, studios, internships, and real-world case studies that allow them to observe, model, apply, and master employability skills. Our flexible curriculum give students the freedom to discover new interests and career pathways. During their first two years of our courses, students will be assisted and guided to find their true passion within our dynamic program offerings.

Mentorship & Advising

AUBH recognizes the need for mentorship and advising. We want our students to be inspired by their mentors, faculty, support staff and each other, finding inspiration and motivation along the way. It is our goal to offer extra-curricular events – ranging from speaker series to clubs and sports teams, where fostering collaboration, teamwork and celebrating individuality are paramount.

Our faculty and mentors establish relationships with students on a personal level, becoming familiar with their personal and professional goals which when intertwined with emphasis on employability and competitiveness, result in the most competent and valuable candidates for this increasingly global workforce.

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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Program


Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Business Administration in:

Graduate Program