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The Tuition fees stated below are applicable for students registering for the Academic Year 2020-2021. Tuition fees cover the cost of the academic programs only and are stated per credit hour. Other compulsory and additional fees are stated below. Enrolled students need to comply with the financial regulations of the university. Tuition fees are payable two weeks prior to start of each semester. Payments completed after the deadline given for each semester is subject to late charges. The University tuition fees and charges are subject to change in accordance with the Higher Education Council regulations.

Preparatory Program  

Credit Hours: 18  Est. Total Tuition Per Semester: BHD 3,050

Undergraduate Fees per College

The table below shows the minimum and maximum study load acceptable per semester and the fee per Credit Hour:

  • College of Business Administration:   12-18 credit hours: BHD 200 per Credit Hour
  • College of Architecture and Design:   12-18 credit hours: BHD 200 per Credit Hour
  • College of Engineering:                        12-18 credit hours: BHD 200 per Credit Hour

Compulsory Fees

  • Application fee (Non-Refundable): BHD 25 - The application fee is valid for one academic year only and is non-refundable. The application will be processed once payment is made.
  • Seat reservation deposit (Non-Refundable): BHD 600 -  Seat reservation deposit is deductible from student’s tuition if applicant joins the University.
  • Student activities fee (Per Semester): BHD 100 - Students will be able to access the sports and recreation facilities.

Other Fees

  • Study Overload (rate applicable for registering in more than 18 Credit Hours): BHD 225
  • Computer Lab/Technology Fee: BHD 50
  • Engineering Lab Fees (course specific): BHD 75
  • Architecture and Design Studio/Lab Fees (course specific): BHD 75
  • Internship Registration Fee: BHD 25
  • Transcripts Fee: BHD 5
  • Library Card Fee: BHD 10
  • Library Fine (rate per day per item): BHD 2
  • Late Registration Fee: BHD 50
  • Late Payment Fee: BHD 50
  • ID Card Replacement Fee: BHD 10
  • Locker Fee: BHD 25
  • Graduation Fee: BHD 100
  • Degree Attestation Request Fee: BHD 50
  • Parking/Smoking Violation Fine: BHD 50
  • Appeal Request Fee: BHD 30
  • Test Re-take Fee: BHD 25
  • Placement Tests/Assessments: BHD 30
  • Credit Transfer Request Fee: BHD 30
  • Degree Certificate Replacement Fee (if lost or damaged): BHD 100

Payment Options

Students can use one of these methods to pay their tuition fees:
NOTE: Students should always quote their registration number and name when making payment. New students with no registration number should quote the reference number listed on the top of the acceptance letter. All deposit slips should be faxed or emailed to the accounting office.

  • Cash Payments in BHD for deposit in Al Salam Bank
  • Bank Transfer: Direct transfer to the following bank account:
    • Bank Name: Al Salam Bank
    • Account Name: American University of Bahrain
    • Account Number: 1315 0010 0100
    • IBAN: BH 87 ALSA 00 1315 0010 0100

Other tuition payment options will be offered, and this section revised at that time.

Late payments and fines: University students must adhere to payment deadlines. Late payment of tuition fees will incur a late fee. Fines apply to parking violations, late book returns, misuse of facilities and others as deemed necessary by the President.

Tuition refund policy: A student wishing to withdraw from a course or courses must submit a Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar. An official Refund Form attached with supporting documents should be submitted to the Office of the Bursar.
The following refund schedule will be applicable for all students:

  • During the two week Add/Drop period at the beginning of each semester: 50% refundable of the paid tuition fees excluding the non-refundable fees and deposits
  • After the second week of the Add/Drop period: 0% refundable

Non-attendance of classes does not imply that student has withdrawn and the course fee will be applicable. All withdrawing students must submit an official Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar within the add/drop period given for every term.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The university may offer scholarships or financial aid to students to begin or complete their studies. All scholarships and financial aid offered are at the discretion of the University and may change from time to time.

Family Tuition Grant

To avail a family discount per term, two (or more) siblings must be registered as full-time students in any undergraduate program. To receive the family tuition grant, the Tuition Grant Application Form available in the Office of the Bursar must be completed by the student/s. The Family Tuition Grant is at the discretion of the University and may change from time to time.