Driving Futures Forward: AUBH partners with Mumtalakat Portfolio to empower its graduates 

  • Graduates to obtain international experience in McLaren through Tamkeen’s ‘Global Ready Talent Program’

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has established a strategic partnership with McLaren Group to provide a one year internship for AUBH graduates with Engineering, Computing and Business and Management degrees.

This collaboration brings together two portfolio companies of Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company “Mumtalakat”, the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and underscores Mumtalakat’s commitment to fostering cooperation and synergy among its portfolio assets, with a focus on knowledge transfer and bolstering local capabilities. Notably, the American University previously facilitated an international training program for two of its graduates at Premo Group, a leading firm specializing in innovative electronic component solutions. This initiative reflects AUBH’s dedication to expanding training opportunities for its students, enhancing their skills and providing specialized expertise to meet the evolving needs of the job market through global institution training.

This collaboration, which offers the potential for permanent employment at McLaren, is supported by the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” through the ‘Global Ready Talent’ Program. This program was designed by Tamkeen to empower Bahrainis to transform their careers through international exposure and work experience.

The proposed program will provide AUBH graduates with an opportunity to explore international markets and obtain experience working on key high-tech projects in the fields of automotives. Selected participants will be able to work in McLaren’s Headquarters in the United Kingdom, taking their career prospects to a global level.

Four students from the American University of Bahrain have been selected to participate in the program:  Imran Naser BSc. Computer Engineering, Fares Al Qutami BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Zain Al Awadhi BSc. Industrial Engineering, and Zainab Taher BBA Finance.

Dr. Bradley J. Cook, AUBH President commented: “We value the support of ‘Tamkeen’ and ‘Mumtalakat’, which aligns with our shared goal of developing the capabilities of national talents and enhancing their competitiveness. We are grateful for this partnership, which provides promising opportunities for our graduates to thrive and explore international opportunities and engage in a global work environment. We wish them success and prosperity in the program.”