Empowering the Future: AUBH Students Thrive in CERN Internship in Switzerland

Two students from the American University of Bahrain, Adnan Mohammed, a Computer Science major, and Akbar Saleh a Computer Engineering major, have recently concluded their 6-week summer internship at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, in Switzerland. The students carried out their work in the Experimental Physics division of CERN in areas of knowledge directly related to their degree plans.

CERN is renowned for its groundbreaking scientific discoveries and cutting-edge advancements in the field of particle physics, including the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the invention of the World Wide Web and more. The American University of Bahrain’s partnership with CERN through summer internships provides aspiring scientists and engineers with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work alongside world-class researchers, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the field. Through this experience, students obtain a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, nurturing their talent and fostering their passion for exploration.

The summer internship program is a very competitive program where hundreds of students from all over the world compete to be selected. Adnan and Akbar spent the summer taking on real tasks within the MIP Timing Detector, part of the CMS Phase-2 Upgrade, which will be used in coming runs of the Large Hadron Collider.

Commenting on his internship experience Adnan Mohammed said, “The six-week internship program provided me with an opportunity to delve deep into scientific research in various fields, immersing myself in a vibrant scientific community. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, I contributed to ongoing monumental projects undertaken by CERN such as MTD-DAQ project, specifically focusing on the software aspects of the Endcap Timing Layer. This has helped expand my knowledge and honed my research skills.”

Prof. Mar de Fez Laso, Professor of Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy at AUBH and a previous CERN user, said “CERN student internship programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for students to develop their skills and knowledge in a multinational and diverse environment set at the forefront of human knowledge, while honoring environmental and sustainable ways. Students are empowered to create a generation of scientists and engineers that work united to push the frontiers of science and technology. We are very proud of our AUBH Students who continue to excel on all levels – national and international, thus, helping place Bahrain on the global educational map.”

“The CERN internship experience has helped me develop my hard and soft skills through direct engagement with real life case studies,” said Akbar Saleh, a Computer Engineering student. “Contributing to several projects has enabled me to reflect on what I have learned in academia and into practical settings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank AUBH for providing us with internship opportunities that further enhance our practical skills and connect theories with best world practices.”

Student internship opportunities align with AUBH’s objectives of providing transformative hands-on experiences, fostering student passion for exploration, and inspiring young minds to move the boundaries of knowledge.