The American University of Bahrain Concludes its First Multimedia Exhibition

Projects involved courses such as Basic Design, Digital Image Processing, Computer Culture, Digital Storytelling, Sound and Image, Video Production, 3D Computer Graphics, Multimedia Design, Multimedia Production, Typography, Photography, Physical Interaction, Web Design, and Motion Graphics, among others.

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has concluded its first Multimedia Design exhibition, displaying several projects designed by the students of the College of Media and Design. The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Bradley J. Cook, AUBH President, Mr. William D. Hurt, AUBH Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, AUBH Provost, Dr. Lillian Hallak, Program Lead of the College of Media and Design, faculty members, staff, and students.

Shedding light on student projects, the projects displayed covered a diverse range of topics including rebranding, web design, motion graphics, and videos. A jury panel evaluated the projects, assessing the design elements and principles embedded within the projects.

Dr. Bradley J. Cook, AUBH President commented, “We are thrilled to witness the projects of our Multimedia Design students, who not only exhibited a unique and creative approach in their projects but also exhibited what we preach here at AUBH – which is an academically rigorous cohort that is equipped with both the hard and soft skills required to thrive in the market.”

One of the main goals of this exhibition was to provide visibility to the work produced by students of the different study cycles in the College of Media and Design, as well as to encourage connections between study cycles and the various areas of multimedia study.

Commenting on this momentous occasion, Dr. Lillian Hallak, Program Lead of the College of Media and Design said, “We are very proud of the growth of our students and the skills they have developed over their academic journey. In the College of Media and Design, we ensure that our graduates are well-versed and aligned with market requirements to inject a strong caliber of professionals into the job market. The world engages with every aspect of modern life through various forms of media. It is the creators behind this imagery, videography, and innovative art that we shape through our courses.”

The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design program is offered over 4 years, exposing students to the role of imagery in culture, along with the ability to translate concepts, subjects, themes, or narratives into visual language. Students develop a solid base of multimedia skills and knowledge, encompassing interface design, 2-D animation, video production, introductory software development, web-based design, digital audio, and hands-on experience with real-world multimedia production.