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The Student Affairs department provides guidance and support to students while working continuously to enhance student growth and development. Our main focus is to enrich the student experience beyond the classroom and provide a smooth transition for students from school to university.

Our Services:

  • Social and recreational activities: Includes a wide range of fun activities such as a movie nights, camping, sport tournaments and PlayStation competitions.
  • Community services: Includes fundraising, blood donation and other activities which support cancer and orphan organizations. These activities encourage students to engage with the wider Bahraini community through active participation and voluntary work.
  • Student services: Includes orientation days, facilitating arrangements for students with special needs or special circumstances, processing appeals and complains, as well as providing counseling sessions.
  • Educational activities: Includes opportunities for students to visit key organizations and institutions as well as attend guest speaker sessions from specialists in different subject areas.

Internships and employability: Towards the final year of studystudents are given the opportunity to build links with potential employers through internships and work placements to accelerate their career progression.