Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is an international and diverse career path that can be applied in leadership positions across a various industries. This practical and multifaceted program develops students’ passion for design while building skillsets that can be applied in many areas such as aerospace, architecture, automotive, machinery, healthcare and artificial intelligence

Program Content

This program combines practical and management skills to encourage analytical thinking and problem solving. The core curriculum is built on a broad foundation of calculus and physics modules with focus on computer programming, methods of analysis and engineering design. It further advances to incorporate electrical engineering, advanced use of CAD software, engineering mechanics and simulated systems. Key principles are explored in detail, including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and advanced design of machinery.

Elective modules are offered across may areas of interest, such as continuum mechanics, solar energy or biomechanics, to ensure that students are able to nurture interests as the course develops. Students are given the opportunity to undertake an internship with one of our partner companies, preparing work-ready graduates to successfully adapt in the workplace.

Who should apply?

This four-year undergraduate program enables students to design processes and manage systems while fostering the ability to apply math and science principles to solve problems related to moving objects. Applicants should have strong practical and analytical skills with a basic interest and curiosity towards discovery of how every-day objects function.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

132 Credits

Course Information