The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) Concludes its Sustainability Week

(Riffa, Bahrain) – In celebration of the National Environment Day, and championing sustainability and community involvement, the American University of Bahrain recently concluded its Sustainability Week, which took place during the first week of February.  

As part of the University’s commitment to fostering environmental responsibility and sustainable practices, AUBH’s Sustainability Week featured several events and activities to promote sustainable practices. 

The lineup of activities featured several speakers: Narjes Khalil, Environment Specialist at the Supreme Council for Environment; Shaikh Rashed Al Khalifa, General Manager at Peninsula Farms; Yasser Haji, Business Development Associate at Yellow Door Energy; Yash Shah, Senior Project Engineer at Yellow Door Energy; Fatima Haider, Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Culture at Zain Bahrain; Tariq Al Olaimy, Co-Founder and Managing Director at 3BL Associates; and several AUBH students. The activities focused on highlighting the intersection of corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices, emphasizing the importance of preserving our environment and inspiring the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders. 

The Week featured several themes revolving around sustainability, including preserving biodiversity and understanding its impact on ecosystems; water conservation practices; and recognizing the pivotal role sustainability plays in businesses. The themes also included providing the audience with insights about the vision of green cities and sustainable cities, through shedding light on green infrastructure, renewable energy, and community engagement.

Dr. Bradley J. Cook, AUBH President commented, “AUBH Sustainability Week is a testament to our dedication to creating positive change beyond the classroom. By fostering environmental awareness and community engagement, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and values necessary to become responsible global citizens.” 

AUBH Sustainability Week is part of AUBH’s ongoing commitment to community outreach and the integration of real-world experiences into the educational process. These initiatives align with AUBH’s broader mission to instill a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness among students, faculty, and the wider community.