The American University of Bahrain Hosts MISTI Exhibition & Awards Ceremony for University Students in collaboration with MIT and powered by Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

(Riffa, Bahrain) – In partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI), and powered by the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) hosted the AUBH MISTI Exhibition & Awards Ceremony, to support the upskilling of students in Bahrain universities.

During the ceremony, which was attended by Her Excellency Dr. Diana Abdulkarim Al Jahromi, HEC Secretary General, the participants showcased their ingenuity by presenting their distinguished and innovative achievements in the field of wearable devices, in front of a large audience led by a representative from the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, the official sponsor of the workshop, in addition to a group of experts and industry specialists, as well as participating students and their families.

Her Excellency Dr. Diana Abdulkarim Al Jahromi, HEC Secretary General praised the outputs of the workshop, which conveyed the spirit of cooperation between various public and private higher education institutions in the kingdom. Her Excellency also shed light on the importance of such events in promoting the role of community partnership between the public and private sectors to develop skills such as creativity and innovation among the youth, supporting students in celebrating their achievements through displaying their wearable technology projects that adapt to the environment and needs. She also praised MIT and the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait for their contribution and continuous support to youth-related initiatives in higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

AUBH President, Dr. Bradley J. Cook commented, “We were honored to welcome Her Excellency Dr. Diana AlJahromi, HEC Secretary General for the MISTI Exhibition & Awards Ceremony. We are also thrilled to host this workshop in partnership with MISTI for the second consecutive year.

 “This workshop aims at providing a practical educational experience for students in Bahrain, thus supporting our mission to equip the market with youth who understand the importance of innovation and creativity. In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in every industry, it is imperative for students to stay ahead of the curve. This workshop was an excellent opportunity for them to explore, learn, and apply the latest advancements in science and technology,” he added.

The workshop, held on the American University of Bahrain’s Campus, brought together a diverse group of passionate engineering, computer science, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) (Information and Communication Technology) students eager to explore the forefront of wearable technology. Facilitated by MIT experts and instructors, the event fostered an environment of creativity, learning, and practical experience. The event further exemplified MIT and AUBH’s commitment to fostering innovation in today’s youth.

Latifa Al Khayyat, one of the Program Founders said, “It is exciting to see the program continue for the second time since its inception last year. Our goal remains to instill confidence in Bahrain-based students to make things and be creative with the resources around them. For this year, we are focused on fabricating interactive technologies from scratch and applying them to the space of wearables. Those encompass an array of applications, including assistive tech in the medical field and smart textiles in the fashion industry. The growth and exploration of new research topics is promising, opening doors for a future generation of thinkers, curious makers, and researchers in the field of STEM in Bahrain.

MIT Vice Provost and Ford International Professor of History and MIT-Arab World Faculty Director Philip S. Khoury, said: “We are so inspired to see how our Bahraini students and alumni have been able to build on their MIT experience, connect with partners in Bahrain and bring MIT’s hands and education to the Kingdom while enabling MIT students to gain a better understanding of the region.”

The workshop involved university students from different universities across Bahrain such as University of Bahrain, British University of Bahrain, Polytechnic, RCSI Medical University of Bahrain, and more. Students explored the world of fabrication, sensors and circuits, and coding using rapid retyping techniques like 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing, and Arduino-based circuit design. They also learned some fundamental product development and design skills including 3D modeling with Fusion 360 and rendering. Projects included Braille Speaker, Gesture Controlled RC Car, and Innovative Safety Bracelet for Kids.

Hosting events that aim at upskilling the youth of Bahrain intend to mark another successful chapter in AUBH’s outreach. Through these events, participants are presented with opportunities to not only enhance their skills but also to network with like-minded individuals poised to drive advancements in technology.