AUBH Students Represent Bahrain in New York, USA

AUBH Students, Nafeesa Jahrami and Yasmeen Yusuf, sponsored by the University, represented Bahrain at the 28th Annual Youth Assembly Conference that was held from August 11-13 at the UN headquarters in New York, USA.

Anchored around International Youth Day, the theme of the conference was “Breakthrough to a Better Future. The sessions included keynote talks by today’s trailblazers and influencers, thematic discussions through interaction with panels of experts and leaders and skill-building workshops by engaging in in-depth discussions to develop practical skills. The session also included the AFS Award for Young Global Citizens Finals where finalists had an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a distinguished panel of judges for funding.

AUBH President, Dr. Bradley J. Cook, said, “We are proud to sponsor our students on their trip to NYC, enabling them to explore their passions and help place Bahrain’s youth on the global map. This aligns with our mission at AUBH and we look forward to providing more opportunities to students to prepare them for their careers post-graduation.”

AUBH Student and Bahrain’s Youth Ambassador Yasmeen Yusuf expressed gratitude, “We are honored to represent AUBH and Bahrain at the 28th Annual Youth Assembly Conference.”. It was an enriching experience for us to learn about many cultures and debate critical global issues affecting youth. As I continue on this journey, I would like to thank AUBH for their continuous support.”

Nafeesa Jahrami, AUBH Student and Student Council President, said, “Bringing together the world’s foremost young leaders and changemakers, this conference brings delegates from over 100 countries to discuss topics and participate in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions. I thank AUBH for providing me with this opportunity and look forward to representing AUBH and Bahrain in many more regional and international events.” For the second consecutive year, AUBH students had the privilege of representing Bahrain at the Youth Assembly. Aligned with AUBH’s mission to enable students to find their real passions and develop their abilities, these extra-curricular experiences help shape the youth, thus developing the nation as a whole and placing Bahrain’s youth on the global map.