Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Have you ever looked at an enormous skyscraper and wondered how it got there? The answer will always lead directly to Civil Engineers. Civil Engineering provides the backbone for all large-scale public works projects and private developments. Iconic buildings all over the world, from the Burj Khalifa to the San Francisco bridge were conceived and constructed by civil engineers who have become celebrities in their fields. Our AUBH degree program will give students the competitive edge they need to be a mega-project designer, while also preparing them for the technical and social requirements of working within the development industry.

Program Content

Built on a solid foundation of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, the Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering degree also addresses the social implications of large-scale projects through coursework in social sciences. After completing the core requirements, students can hone their passion through elective courses that focus on their specific interests, such as Open Channel Hydraulics and Masonry Structure Design. An internship completes this multi-layered degree by giving students important hands-on practical instruction. Our students don’t just read about what it is like to be a Civil Engineer, they spend time in the field learning what day to day work requires.

Who should apply?

Anyone who likes to think big! A Civil Engineering qualification will bring graduates to project possibilities all around the world. Whether at home or abroad, civil engineers are always in demand, designing and implementing large-scale construction projects and architectural icons. This four-year Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering combines technical and management skills, making graduates the most flexible and versatile engineers. The College focuses on the integration of strong mathematics, sciences and computing preparation with a wide range of business applications, and the development of ethical, socially responsible and global attitudes.

Program Requirements

Program Name

Total Number of Credits

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

130 Credits

Course Information