Division of Arts and Sciences

The Division of Arts and Sciences (DAAS) is a newly established division that serves a two-fold purpose; it offers general education courses, as well as specialty courses relevant to degree programs. Through the development of both soft and technical skills, the division plays a key role in the development of our graduates.

Program Content

The division has been developing curriculums, creating, and implementing courses in coordination with different colleges and students. These courses cover subjects such as English, Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

As a department with a diverse and international faculty portfolio, the department aims to provide students with an enriching educational experience. These subjects include but are not limited to English, Calculus 1, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Sustainability, World History, Art, Sociology, and Psychology.

DAAS is equally represented on the University Council, holds leadership positions within the University, and plays an influential role in the development of AUBH as an educational institution.


Our aim is to provide career-interdisciplinary opportunities for our students, offering them a variety of learning experiences and skills to enable them to realize their professional and personal goals. We aim to play an integral role in the University’s overall mission of producing career-oriented individuals capable of advancing the economies and societies in which they operate.

The division aspires to offer cutting-edge degree curriculum in line with the strategic plan of the University that is connected to the distinctive expertise of its highly qualified faculty members.


The Division of Arts and Sciences will be recognized as a professionally diverse and multicultural division committed to preparing students for success in a global and competitive environment.

Course Information